CF Road Trip – Day 2: Seattle


Seattle is only a couple hours away from Portland, but fortunately for us, it was a couple hours where we got to experience true PNW weather. Rainy, cool, with moments of sun breaking through the clouds, just to be covered & rain again. Fun times for a 2 hour drive but since we had already gotten our coffee before hitting the road, all was well.

That out of the way, we were able to make it up the highway with no major stoppages or accidents. One State Trooper decided he didn’t like how “fast” we were going and angrily motioned for us to slow down, but otherwise, uneventful. We stopped in Tacoma at Blue Steele (insert Zoolander joke here) for a bathroom, food, coffee break, before continuing on to our destination of Seattle. The goal was to make it in time for our 12pm class at CrossFit Belltown, and boy were we glad we did. The box was phenomenal.

Every aspect from the decoration & design to the ridiculously friendly staff & owners, was perfect. They made us feel welcome, ran a great class, and provided lots of good insights & suggestions about our brief stay in their city. While our plan didn’t initially include a return visit to Seattle, we are planning to see if we can make an exception if only to visit them again. The WOD itself was good, with PR’s being hit by all of us, but really, the experience was completed by the awesome time we had. Everyone else is going to have a LOT to live up to. If you’re planning to be in this area, don’t question it, just stop by to visit Nadia & her crew.


Okay, back to the rest of the trip. After refreshing ourselves at the house (an AMAZING AirBnB) we headed back into Seattle proper. No visit to this area would be complete with going to the Public Fish Market at Pike Place.  Since we were all hungry, our first stop would be for some hot dogs…just kidding. Fish & Chips are easily found down here, and all no doubt, very fresh. We elected for Jack’s Fish since it got decent reviews on Yelp and, honestly, was right next to where we parked. The standard Cod fare was awesome & the specials of Halibut were no doubt tasty as well. We took in some of the sights of the market itself, with all the variety of vendors & customers. Of course, watching the fish tossing was fun & seeing sights like the gum wall was a must. A couple blocks down was the first Starbucks, not the one on 1st and Pike, on the corner mind you, but the actual first one. The cup of coffee was a given.

Next we walked around the area a bit but then I remembered the “Seattle Underground Tour” that is supposedly a cool little walking tour. And it delivered. We were able to get into the last tour of the evening, which may have made for an even better experience since the group was small & the guide likely was just ready to have some fun. Clay led us through the tunnels & told of the gross yet wonderful history of this city. Seeing some of the old foundations, wall, sidewalks, and metal beams holding the streets together was incredible. Highly recommend this, even though it may sound-like or feel-like a typical tourist trap. It’s not.

Dinner was highly recommended by our CrossFit coach Eric: Local 360. A restaurant specializing in local, organic fare, it has been the most popular spot to hit for both locals and visitors. A reservation on Tuesday night was no problem & we thoroughly enjoyed our food. Burgers, mac n cheese, drinks, and a fun waitress all made for a memorable dinner.


Tomorrow we had to CrossFit Bellevue, check out the Bellevue area & hopefully do a little nature walking at some waterfalls, before packing it up & heading across the border to Vancouver, BC.

Stay tuned!


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