CF Road Trip – Day 3:Seattle/Vancouver BC

Sitting here after a morning of activity, I’m reflecting on the peacefulness of vacations. It’s so much easier than the day-to-day grind that most of us go through. Of course, this particular vacation doesn’t really lend itself to peaceful rest & quiet. But we knew that coming in & I’m rambling a bit now…maybe this is the subject of another “Life” post…

Back to the story at hand

We managed to get up this morning after all the good food and drinks last night in downtown Seattle (check out “Day 2” for details) even though our schedule meant the alarm jolting us up at 6am. The dessert from last didn’t agree with all of us, but I digress…

Out the door at about 7:20am meant we we didn’t get the usually needed coffee since our class was 8am. But this also meant we would get to have breakfast on the road before our little side-sightseeing excursion post WOD. A protein bar & some juice was all the available fuel on hand so it had to do. We drove out to CrossFit Bellevue in Bellevue, WA to join the members for the 8am class. This turned out to be a large gym in the traditional warehouse-type space, with a smaller turnout for this fun. After introductions & warmup, we got into the WOD of rowing, thrusters & bar-over burpees. Normally this is not a horrible workout (did I really just type that?!?), but I think we were all feeling a little beat after the amount of car time, working out and general lack of a familiar environment. We survived though, said our goodbyes and escaped with our dignity intact.


Hunger overtook the group as we hit the road, and so Yelp suggested a small cafe in the town of Issaquah, aptly named “Issaquah Cafe“, which was on the way to one of the sightseeing spots we had noted we wanted to be sure to visit: Snoqualmie Falls. Breakfast was plentiful and decent, although at it’s heart, it was a basic diner serving mediocre food. Some of it was really good and the service was excellent, so there’s something to be said for that. And it filled the need without breaking the bank. Not sure you can ask for more than that.

A little further out was the destination: Snoqualmie Falls. For something this nice, you would figure they would charge for parking, viewing, anything. But nope, all of it is free and it’s a very easy, short walk to the first viewing platform. You never know what to expect when you hear about waterfalls since it could easily range from a drainage pipe spouting water on some rocks to a huge, raging storm of water pouring over some cliffs. We were very happy to find that this more resembled the latter. Extremely impressive both for the power you can feel as you stand there watching the water roar over the edges and impressive for the size as it tumbles down to the waiting river 270 feet below (per their website. It’s hard to describe the noise and the feeling of awe in watching this but also feeling the spray of it from as far away as we were standing. Our only issue was that the water coupled with the whipping wind made for a very cold spot.


Once the pictures were taken and the hands were frozen, we headed back to the house to relax a bit before packing up & continuing our journey.

A stop back in downtown Seattle was on the agenda to do a few more things that we wanted to do & see before heading up to our next destination of Vancouver, BC.

Pike Place Market is a busy place no matter the time of day or the day for that matter. Although we had visited the day before, one of our group really wanted to catch a fish from one of the fish tossers at the market. Originally he was told no, however we thought we’d try again to fulfill this dream. This time, so long as he agreed to buy something from the vendor, they would allow him to do it. So after donning his new beanie, he went behind the counter & caught a flying fish!


Post-market visit, we went to one of the most famous attractions in Seattle: the Space Needle. Although built for the worlds’ fair many, many years ago, it was truly an awesome sight, even to this day. It towers above the city like an old watchful guardian. However, this guardian costs $20+ dollars to ride the elevator up. We requested using the stairs but were denied by staff. Boo! Oh well, let’s go eat instead. We took a bunch of pictures of the Needle, but decided to go get food before our long drive up across the border to Canada.


The drive was mostly uneventful save for the “thoroughness” of the border patrol agent we were blessed with. She seemed determined to get us to trip up in our story, questioning even the rental company of the vehicle we were in. That being said, we got approved for entry without further issues & made our way to our home in Vancouver, BC.

After getting the keys & descending in the parking garage to the lowest/furthest spot possible, we were finally able to get up to our apartment. Very quaint & cozy, the 2 bedroom (AirBnB review forthcoming) fit our needs & was very clean.

Vancouver is known for their food and after perusing some reviews, we decided to try The Flying Pig. Sounds appetizing, no? Since we had been in the car for quite a while & needed to stretch, we walked the 3 blocks to the restaurant in the Yaletown area of Vancouver. The restaurant is in a cool neighborhood of other bars, restaurants and businesses, making for a village like feel with warehouses. The food was excellent, service was great and it put a smile on our faces of the next couple days of our trip.

Home to bed for 4 of us, while our 5th decided to stay out & take in the nightlife of the city. Pretty sure he made it back alive…



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