CF Road Trip – Day 4: Vancouver


Multiple things on the agenda for today, lots to get through & not nearly enough time to do it all. But since we’re only in Canada once that we know of, we’re going to try.

Our first morning stop is CrossFit BC‘s West location. We got there pretty early before the class despite the pouring rain & were able to check-in and get started with some stretching. Working out pretty hard several days in a row, plus the travel, makes for a very sore body at this point. The WOD didn’t help as it was a good, fairly heavy one.Being two of the only ones who completed it at the “comp” weight (at least up until that point) was a good feeling too. Once it was over, we took our pictures, said our goodbyes and went to find adventure at the bottom of a coffee cup.

After a quick snack & coffee, the Capilano Suspension Bridge park acted as our next stop. This was a “must-see” from our list and lived up to every aspect of it’s name. I won’t spoil all the fun for those who haven’t been, but if you are ever up here, stop by. It’s  an amazing experience. Here’s a few pictures just to get a taste:

Our sense of beauty and pleasure in creation revitalized, we headed home to cleanup and change before heading out for the afternoon. Stack House Burger Bar provided much needed nourishment in the form of burgers, salads, and this guys’ first attempt at Canada’s favorite: poutine (fries covered in cheese & gravy). It was quite delicious. This place was a good, clean deviation from the nicer restaurants we had been frequenting.

Off to Stanley park. This was a highlight of the trip north as well, both for the sights & sounds it provides and also some of a more personal nature. In any case, the size of the forest that springs up from the city in the most natural / unnatural way is impressive. With the vast array of sights contained within it’s borders, we simply chose a spot & walked for a while. We were able to take in a stretch of the seawall, a small lighthouse, the famous totem poles, and some exceptional views of the city and Lions Gate Bridge. The only problem we ran into was the sheer size of the place didn’t allow us to see the whole place before the cold & rain drove us back to the vehicle.

Cold & hungry, we needed a place to relax and Granville Island provided a destination. While most people who review it claim it to be touristy & boring, we found it a nice escape; a small city within the city. Parking can certainly be difficult and accessing the small island by car is a serious of turns inviting lots of backtracking or rerouting, but once you’re in, you can easily walk the entire thing. We got coffee and browsed the stalls in the Public Market then walked over to have a few beers at the Granville Island Brewing Company. We met some interesting people, had some good samples and got a recommendation for dinner. Good stop all-in-all.


Dinner was a short drive back up into the GasTown district at a place called Pourhouse. A smaller dining room but large on character and charm, Pourhouse was clearly a popular spot. We were able to get in fairly easily and ordered lots of great food and drinks. Letting the bartender make his choice turned out some tasty drinks and the food was excellent: well cooked, well presented. Alibi Room was a bar up the street from Pourhouse that we decided to visit as well. The beers on tap are more extensive than most any other place and the variety means anyone can find something they like. The cocktails were likewise delectable.

And now bed.


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