CF Road Trip – Day 5: Vancouver/Car


Did I mention riding in a car for a million hours isn’t fun? Yes, we could’ve thought about that before a Road Trip but we also could’ve brought pillows for the butt. That would’ve helped. Our Chrysler Town & Country rental did it’s job perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean our bodies enjoyed sitting for that long either. And today turned out to be a true test of the desire to road trip.

For the majority of this trip, we’d enjoyed traffic-free driving, so it was only a matter of time before that fortune would end…back to the story.

After another good night out (see the previous post, Day 4) we “awoke” to rain. Well some rain, mostly just cool temperatures but enough so that 2 of us made the journey to CrossFit 604 while the others slept in. We made it there in plenty of time & got checked-in with one of the coaches so we could begin stretching. After a brief warmup with the fairly large class for 8am, we went over the WOD for the day. Considering how worn out the body was feeling, this was going to be a little lighter & slower for us.

The box itself was dark, but very well-equipped. In fact, one of the better though-out setups in our opinion. Having enough equipment to line both sides so there wasn’t any “cross-over” with the Rogue rack bi-secting the floor is a great idea. Ropes, rings, even down to the clips and chalk were evenly distributed to both sides of the gym so there would be less confusion or running into each other. Great idea!

After the WOD we bought the requisite shirts & headed back to shower, pack up and start the long journey back to Portland. This turned into a fairly eventful journey.

First, breakfast. The reviews of Chambar mentioned how amazing the food was; it didn’t mention the attire (more specifically, I didn’t read that part). So we ended up being dressed in very casual, travel clothes for a fancier place. Fortunately, we are in Vancouver, BC where everyone is ridiculously nice & accommodating (the rumors are true!!)

The food certainly lived up to its hype and concluded an amazing food experience in Canada. Don’t miss the waffles. Just don’t.

On the road again, we encountered rain, rain & more rain all the way back to Seattle. Since we didn’t quite leave early enough to make the trek out to Astoria (Goonie-ville) like we planned, we elected to head back south to Portland and try for Astoria tomorrow (apparently sometime Goonies DO say die…). Good thing to since from about 4-5 miles outside of Seattle we stopped dead. For-ev-er.

(Side note: crossing the border back into the US turned out to be a longer stop than into Canada, but more hilarious. Hopefully you get to run into a border patrol agent with a sense of humor like we did.)

Time to hit the streets and find a way around this…oops. That didn’t help. The Seattle streets were jam-packed with visitors, commuters, and everything else you could imagine. Minutes turned to what felt like days of just sitting. Finally we had enough & found somewhere to stop & eat to wait out the traffic. This led us to Von’s.


Depending on the review or sign, it’s either “Von’s Gustobistro” or “Von’s 1000 spirits”. Either way, it was a respite for us from the hellish traffic we had been in. We waited a bit in the extensive bar for a table, but were treated to a bustling crowd, lots of conversation-listening, and decent drinks. The food was also very good, with an emphasis on their house-made pasta and beef, both in meatball form & burger. Try either or both, it was worth it.

At around 7:30pm we braved the cold again to see if we were going to make it back to Portland ever. We were, and did. The stop off had helped! Now with full-bellies we made the trek back to Portland.

After the long drive, we arrived around 10pm and after some unpacking & deliberating a couple of us decided to try a brewery that was open until midnight – Deschutes. It turned out to be a cross between traditional bar/brewery and restaurant as they had plenty of tables & booths for families to relax in. In our case, we opted for a bar table, some tasters and some bottles to take home. Kudos for the server(s) as well since it seemed towards the end of the night, they just want to laugh & relax as well. Or maybe that’s just how they roll here. Either way, great way to relax after the long time spent in the van.


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