CF Road Trip – Day 6: Portland


Eating…it’s the best thing ever. How I do love you, food.

In all honesty, we were supposed to get up and workout this morning. Had it setup to go drop-in to another box & do a WOD of our choosing. But then sleep & food interfered with our plans. Ah sleep…and food.

We elected to sleep in a bit and I got to spend some time on this blog, but in all reality it felt kind of good to just let our bodies rest. It had been a long week of both PRs and just moving weight so sometimes your just have to listen to your body and allow it to recover. We decided that since we were resting, we would attempt to have a good breakfast at a local place & just hang out, enjoying the city. The suggested location was “Mother’s Bistro & Bar” and boy was it popular. We waited roughly an hour for a table amidst the many hungry patrons, looking to indulge in the wonderful items they offered on the menu. The nice thing was the unlimited coffee that was available to anyone waiting…for a nominal fee of course.

Once our name was called, we quickly accepted the table and started scouring the menu for the best items. As it turned out, we decided to go with several of the specials: the strawberry covered waffle, the eggs benedict and the smoked gouda and ham scramble. Sometimes you have to try new things to find the amazing. In this case, that’s true; all the times we had were absolutely incredible. If you are ever in a position to visit this place, don’t balk at the standard hour-long wait. Just grab a cup of coffee, or 6, from the bar and hang out. It will deliver.

From there it was time to get some tourist-style sight-seeing in. We travelled out to several waterfalls in the area, currently protected to preserve the landmarks as special points of interest for everyone. Multonomah falls, Horsetail falls and the Vista House all provided unfettered access to nature in all it’s glory. The pictures below won’t really do it justice; if you’re traveling in the area, stop by these locations to truly appreciate the majesty.

After the beauty of creation, we went with the beauty of created items, in this case coffee & beer. Stops at Coava and Stumptown allowed for a comparison (TIP: purchasing beans? search for Stumptowns tasting room when beans are sold wholesale) of one type of brew while a little drive over to Hopworks BikeBar supplied the other brew.

Rogue Distillery and Public House was one more stop before dinner. In trying to find locally-made breweries, this one is high on the list as far as notoriety. And the beer isn’t bad either. (TIP: Samplers or Tasters will usually provide not only a good variety of beer, but a good value since you’ll get nice sized shots, generally 3oz up to 5oz, of each) A small sampling of the food here returned good, tasty bar-fare and you could easily make a meal out of it. But we had a dinner recommendation we didn’t want to miss.

The Portland Grill sounds like it would be a standard fare, fancy restaurant attached to a hotel, meant to provide guests with a quick, pricey meal. That’s partially correct, it is dark, fancy-ish, restaurant in a hotel. However, the service & the food were much better than anticipated. Though it had come highly recommended, we figured it was more for the view & location than anything else. Normally I wouldn’t have ordered Sushi in a place like this, but as you can see, I did and it was quite good, very fresh.  Ambiance is nice with the live piano player, the wait staff are fun and converse easily with the guests. Go dressed nicely, but don’t let that spoil the experience.


And with that, we finally reach our last night of this trip. One more post for breakfast and a few final thoughts before a long drive home.


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