The unknown and unknowable…go where no human has gone before…

Taking a leap and either going somewhere or doing something you weren’t sure about can lead to all sorts of cool experiences but the anticipation of said events often goes undiscussed. Since I’ve got two new things on the horizon, I thought I’d throw some feelings out there.

In the nearer future, I have my first official CrossFit competition this weekend. A friend and I decided it looked like fun and since it’s at (our) home box, why not? So with the promise of a cheering section, comfort from “home turf” we signed up. That was about 4 weeks ago and the anticipation has been insane.

It starts with the excitement: “we’re really doing this!”

Then comes then planning: “how are we going to do this?”

Then the realization that you have to perform in front of people with weights you’re not sure of: “Wait…we’re really doing THIS?!?!”

Yes, my $100 registration says we’re going to attempt to do this.

The good news is that since it’s our first, there’s no real expectation. Go have fun, experience the environment, and see what it’s all about. For me as a garage gym stalwart, it’s also a challenge to see how I stack up against some full-timers from all over the area. Of course in this case, having the Incredible Hulk on your team helps. We’ve practiced the workouts, strategized and see how quickly it all goes out the window on Saturday.

But in the end, the anticipation now, about 4 days out, is coming out from both ends. A post of the experience will be up Saturday evening or Sunday morning, assuming my arms still work…

The second life adventure is an upcoming vacation, which will also take us our of our comfort zone: Europe. This is the one spot we’ve wanted to go for about 15 years but never actually made it. The planning started quite a while ago, you could say…but with Brexit happening flights dropped in price and time off building up, it’s happening.

With all the planning that goes into something like this, the anticipation hasn’t built too much. Mostly it’s worry about figuring everything out & getting things in place. Basically too busy to worry too much about the trip. But with every purchase confirmation & AirBnB reserved, that anticipation builds and will climax once we take off.

As of this moment, it’s a whirlwind trip of 3 countries, primarily Italy, over 3 weeks at the end of the year. Of course, I’ll do my best to share our experiences here. As you can see from the post times, I haven’t been as loyal to this blog as perhaps I should be but when life gets busy, hobbies get set aside.

Hopefully the anticipation of all these new and wonderful experiences will get the creative, journalistic juices flowing.

How do you prepare for new journeys? Any tips on competition or travel in Europe?


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